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What command should be entered into the chat to activate the mod? I've tried a bunch of options

/load [Type the name of the folder you extracted from the download]

что нужно вписать в чат для активации мода. Пробовал кучу варианто


Hello, a pleasure to make a mod (not skin) with these sprytes. I hope you can allow me to do it in the same way, I will leave the credits (It is in process)

Very well made and funny mod, could you help a girl out and give me the font used to write "Amogus" on the character select. God I sound like a bot the way I jump into Itch projects and say the same fucking thing in each comment.

The font is coded into the game. I'm unsure how to access it. Sorry, but I'm sure you might be able to find it if you looked up Nuclear Throne Font!


Hola un gusto quieto hacer un mod (no skin) con estos sprytes

Espero se pueda que me lo permita de igual manera dejare los creditos

(Esta en proceso)

why am I downloading this...